Intergroup Relations Lab

Principal Investigator: Dr. Chris Aberson

Dr. Aberson’s social psychology research broadly focuses on important contemporary issues of social justice such as racism, prejudice, and bias directed toward a variety of social groups (e.g. African Americans, gay men, Latinos, the homeless). His research also demonstrates how empirical research in social psychology can provide knowledge to inform the general public on critical issues of human attitudes and behaviors that face our society. You may reach Dr. Aberson at

Overview of the Lab

A primary goal of Dr. Aberson’s programs of research is student involvement in all phases of investigation. The lab regularly provides research experiences for students every semester. Social justice issues are important to our psychology students’ understanding of their own attitudes and biases. The Intergroup Relations Lab provides opportunities for students to pursue research in these areas.

Current Projects

• Attitudes toward African Americans

• Attitudes toward Hispanics / Latinos

• Attitudes toward Gay Men