Sex Research and Education Lab

Principal Investigator: Dr. Benjamin C. Graham

Dr. Graham is a community psychologist with a background in counseling psychology.  He has worked in a wide range of applied settings, including dating violence prevention in schools, student health and wellness on college campuses, and participatory action research with marginalized sexual communities.  The mission of the Sex Research and Education Lab is to promote sexual health and wellness, with an emphasis on consent, intersectionality, and social justice.

Current Projects

The first project examines the role of community within marginalized sexual identities. The Kink Representation Outreach Project (KROP) is a three phase project focusing on community voice. For the first phase, BDSM (bondage, dominance, sadomasochism) community members were interviewed to assess the benefits achieved by belonging to a BDSM community (Graham, Butler, McGraw, Cannes, & Smith, 2016)  We are currently in phase two, which is an analysis of the representation of BDSM practitioners and communities in human sexuality textbooks. Phase three will bring the focus back to community voice by giving BDSM community members the opportunity to analyze the way they are represented in human sexuality textbooks. We hope that KROP will change the negative perceptions of BDSM and other alternative sexualities, while opening up a wider discourse on the role of consent, communication, and sexual health.

The second project is a new collaboration with HSU’s Sexual Assault Prevention Committee (SAPC), a nationally recognized leader in system-wide, comprehensive approaches to sexual assault prevention.  The Sex Research and Education Lab supports this important Humboldt county-wide initiative in three ways; 1) By member representation on the SAPC; 2) by conducting research on the impact of the Check It! Program ; and 3) by contributing to the Spring 2019 campus-wide needs assessment being conducted as part of Dr. Graham’s Psych/Women’s Studies 437: Sexual Diversity course.


Principal Investigator:
Benjamin C. Graham

Lab Coordinator:
Tsolak Michael Kirakosyan 

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