Student Travel

2019 Department Student Travel Funds (for students conference travel through June 30, 2019)

The department of psychology has a limited number of funds to help support student travel.  The amount of funds will depend on the number of applicants, and may be up to $125 per student.  Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for travel funds if they:

  • Are first author on a poster or presentation
  • Have formally submitted their poster/presentation to the conference
    • Does not need to be accepted, but funds will not be not awarded if not accepted
  • Apply by the deadline; deadlines are 45 days before the conference (March 15th for WPA)

Eligibility for funds will be announced for each individual conference 40 days before the conference.

BEFORE Conference (Application process)

Submit applicaton materials 45 days prior to the conference to the Department of Psychology (BSS 410).  Students will be notified by e-mail if they are awarded funds.  Materials should include:

AT Confererence

Collect receipts up to the amount specificed in your acceptance email.  Receipts include:  Fee for the conference, hotel, transportation (plane, gas, care rental), and food.

AFTER Conference

Submit a Travel Expense Claim, receipts and proof of poster/presentation to Department of Psychology Office (BSS 410) within TWO WEEKS of the end of the conference (May 10th for WPA)

Tips for filling out Request for Authorization form:

  • You do NOT need to fill out the travel authorization #
  • Leave the Chartfield String section blank
  • Don't forget to print and sign in the Traveler's signature space!
  • Request for Authorization EXAMPLE

Tips for filling out Travel Expense Claim form:

  • Submit enough receipts to reach the amount you have been awarded.   It's ok if you go over.  Just be clear that you're claiming the amount you've been awarded.  For example, if you are awarded $125 you could submit one $178.50 reciept for hotel, but only claim $125.  OR one $80 gas receipt and one $75 conference registration receipt could be submitted, again with only $125 claimed.
  • Travel Expense Claim EXAMPLE

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