Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

There are two program pathways for the BA in Psychology. The Graduate Study Preparation Pathway is for those wishing to attend graduate school after the BA or those who desire more rigorous work in statistics and research methods. The General Psychology Pathway is for students who wish to seek a career after they complete the Bachelor’s Degree.

Students in both programs will have demonstrated:

  • SLO 1: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the major concepts, theories, and empirical findings in the core content areas of psychology.
  • SLO 2: Students will demonstrate knowledge of methodological, analytical, and research skills appropriate to the field of psychology.
  • SLO 3: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the sociocultural and contextual nature of psychology.
  • SLO 4: Students will demonstrate knowledge of ethics involved in conducting research and working in the field of psychology.
  • SLO 5: Students will demonstrate skills needed for post baccalaureate employment, graduate, or professional school.

Students who complete the Graduate Study Preparation Pathway will also have demonstrated:

  • the ability to design a psychological study, use basic laboratory skills to conduct the research, use statistical methods and software to analyze data, draw reasonable conclusions based on their research, and report their findings in APA style

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