Health Behavior Research Lab

Principal Investigator: Dr. Carrie Aigner

Dr. Aigner’s research interests are in health behavior change. In her research, she examines factors that promote health behaviors such as physical activity, diet, and smoking cessation. She also conducts research on mental health and well-being among college students. Dr. Aigner teaches the undergraduate course ‘Health Psychology’ among others. Health Psychology is the study of biopsychosocial influences in health and well-being. This field can teach us a lot about why we engage in certain healthy behaviors, but not others, and how we can work to improve health and well-being on a broader, societal level. In her teaching, Dr. Aigner emphasizes both critical understanding of research and application of health theory and research to real-world problems. Dr. Aigner is co-Coordinator of the Counseling Psychology Program and supervises Master’s students in the Academic Research graduate program.

If students have questions about Dr. Aigner's research or would like to learn more about opportunities in her lab, please contact her by email at