Information for Current Undergraduate Students

The 45 units of core requirements provide a strong foundation from which students may go on to graduate school in psychology or a related discipline, or into jobs for which a degree in psychology provides a useful background (e.g., law school, MBA).

To assist our students in achieving a successful college experience, a Major Graduation Plan outlining courses required and the recommended sequence as well as the Five-Year Course Plan have been developed. We have specifically designed our curriculum so that it can realistically be completed in four years. With a little planning and keeping in touch with their advisor, a student should be able to accomplish this. This document is a projection of courses taught in future semester. 5 year course rotation

Psychology Major Pathways - Planning your course of study

General Pathway

Graduate Pathway

Minor in Psychology FAQs

How do I declare a psychology minor?

  1. See the File minor_in_psychology planning guide or a list of courses required to earn a minor in Psychology. Complete the form and submit to the registrar’s office to declare a minor.
  2. The option for the minor will be added to your DARS after you submit the minor declaration form to the registrar’s office.
  3. Create a DARS plan for your minor.

 I am transferring from another school and I took courses that I think will count towards a minor. How do I know if these classes will articulate?

Infomation for Kinesiology Majors Seeking a Minor 

  • Follow the instructions for "How do I declare a psychology minor?" listed above.
  • KINS 483 Evaluation Techniques can substitue for PSYC 240 as a pre-requisite for Psychology Core courses. Please email the listed Psychology instructor for a permission number of the Core course in which you would like to enroll stating that you took KINS 483 instead of PSYC 240. Faculty contact information can be found at:
  • KINS 474 Sport & Exercise Psychology can be counted as a breadth course for the Psychology minor.  Once your minor has officially posted in your DARS, email the Psychology Department Chair (see for Chair name and contact information) for a DARS exception for you to use KINS 474 as a breadth course.