Information for Current Undergraduate Students

The 45 units of core requirements provide a strong foundation from which students may go on to graduate school in psychology or a related discipline, or into jobs for which a degree in psychology provides a useful background. For students who are going on to graduate school, it is recommended that beginning in their junior year, students should begin to decide on the area of psychology or occupation within psychology they wish to pursue in graduate studies.

In collaboration with their advisor, it is recommended that students select electives or take additional courses that are important to their graduate plans. Courses specific to various fields of graduate training, such as school psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology and others, can be recommended by faculty advisors.

To assist our students in achieving a successful, college experience, a Major Graduation Plan outlining courses required and the recommended sequence as well as the Five-Year Course Plan have been developed. We have specifically designed our curriculum so that it can realistically be completed in four years. With a little planning and keeping in touch with their advisor, a student should be able to accomplish this. This document is a projection of courses taught in future semesters.

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