2010 M.A. Graduate accepted into Clinical Doctorate Program of Choice

Monique Gilmore, 2010 M.A. gradute, was recently accepted into the Fielding Clinical PhD program in Santa Barbara, which was her Clinical Doctorate Program of choice! She shared these words about her time at Humboldt and the impace Dr. Gold had on her career and life path: 

"I am sure you already know how much Dr. Gold changes students' lives and trajectories, but I wanted to pass on that Dr. Gold was the [professor for my] first psychology class at Humboldt.  After I went to his social psychology class as an undergraduate, I changed my major to psychology and worked on research with him until I graduated my undergraduate education.  He invested graduate level hours into helping me complete my masters level thesis, with excellent guidance, and endless patience, as an undergraduate as an Honors Thesis student so that I had original research that was  APA journal ready to project my future forward. . . this means a lot to myself and my extended family to have the opportunities that Dr. Gold has availed me.  He is wonderful, and he will always be my favorite teacher.  

Thank you for having such a wonderful department of caring, brilliant professors."
Congratualtions Monique and best of wishes as you continue your education and career goals!