Christopher Walmsley

Assistant Professor


Dr. Walmsley received his undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of New Hampshire in 2007. During that time, a senior lecturer at UNH, Mark Henn, taught a course on radical behaviorism in contemporary culture and society (the philosophical framework of behavior analysis), which served as a catalyst towards the pursuit of a career in behavior analysis.

Dr. Walmsley then went to Western Michigan University in 2009, where he obtained both his M.A. and Ph.D in the behavior analysis program under Dr. Wayne Fuqua. Dr. Walmsley’s current teaching interests are in the areas of professional and ethical conduct, geared towards practitioners in the area of Applied Behavior Analysis and the unique challenges they face while providing services in a variety of clinical contexts.

In addition, Dr. Walmsley is interested in teaching about behavioral gerontology - the intersection of the science of behavior and the unique issues an individual faces as they age. From his interest in behavioral gerontology, Dr. Walmsley’s current research interests include the refinement of behavioral technologies to assess for and promote adaptive functioning in older adults with neurocognitive loss, and in particular, how to best treat the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia.

Behavior Analysis emphasis in the Academic Research Graduate Program

The psychology department, in partnership with special education and the school psychology program, is excited to announce the reopening of our graduate training in behavior analysis at HSU. This graduate-level specialization area is meant to prepare individuals to become board certified behavior analysts (BCBA). BCBAs are practitioners who work in the community delivering behavior analytic services. Along with graduate-level coursework and a master’s project, my graduate students begin accruing clinical experiences working with consumers through local Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) agencies and other organizations (e.g., Redwood Coast Regional Center, Humboldt County Office of Education, etc.).

Behavior Analysis in Undergraduate Studies 

If you are interested in learning more about behavior analysis, follow the link below to watch a video that provides a brief overview of the field. In addition to the graduate specialization area, the psychology department offers an undergraduate course in behavior analysis (PSYC 320) every spring semester that satisfies the lab requirement for the graduate preparation pathway in our undergraduate major. I encourage you to enroll if you are interested in what behavior analysis has to offer. ABA has excellent employment opportunities in the surrounding area of Humboldt County available to both undergraduate and graduate-level students, and taking PSYC 320 can make you more marketable for ABA employment.

Check back to this page for updates on research assistant opportunities!

Research Lab: 
Behavior Analysis Lab meets in BSS 406.
Current graduate students:
  • Melissa Cisneros - Master’s project entitled: Assessing Convergent Validity of the QABF and TBH FA Intake Form with Results of a Functional Analysis
  • Jessie Kelly - Master's project entitled: Mand Prompting and Fading: Teaching Yes-No Manding )
  • Jackie Morris - Project TBD 
  • Giancarlo Anro - Project TBD
Christopher Walmsley
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