Gregg J. Gold

Professor of Psychology Ph.D. UCLA (2000)


Dr. Gold’s research interests are in primarily in social influence, though he has also published in other areas. He studies how power affects influence, how people react to transgressions, what it takes for people to stay together after a transgression, and how various situations affect the use of power and influence. He also conducts research related to the environment, marijuana use, and how participating as a researcher involved in deception affects the researcher. As a Social Psychologist, courses taught includePsychology of Prejudice, Social Power and Influence, Social Psychology, Social Psychology and Introduction to Rsearch Methods. He has served as the Master’s thesis chair for students in the Academic Research Program, the Counseling Program, and the Environment and Community program. He has also served as the interim Dean for the College of Professional Studies, the Associate Dean for the Colleg of Professional Studies, and the Chair of the Department of Psychology.


Areas of Interest: 


Current research studies include:

Silent No Longer: The Confederate Experience in Research Studies Gender Differences and Expecttions in Communication

Cannabis Entrepreneurs and Jobs

The Next Generation of Journalists

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Ava Frankovsky

Sara Romero Payon

Martin Rojas


Ph.D UCLA (2000); M.A., UCLA (1996); M.A., Cal State Northridge (1994)
B.A. UCLA, Psychology (1978)
Gregg Gold
(707) 826-3740
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