Academic Research Blended Master's Program

Admission to the Blended Program

In the Blended program, students with the necessary academic skills and who demonstrate exceptional promise for advanced study, complete the degree requirements for the Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree and progress seamlessly from the Bachelor’s degree phase into the Master’s degree phase. Students applying to a blended pathway for the Behavior Analysis emphasis should plan on two additional years of study rather than a single year.

Students must have completed at least 24 units of undergraduate course work in Psychology, with a GPA of 3.25 or higher in Psychology course work (including prerequisites), submit three letters of recommendation (at least two from Psychology faculty members), provide a statement of purpose, a blended program cover sheet, and identification of a specialization area of interest. Students are eligible to apply upon completion of 60 units, in their Junior year. Admission will also be based on a match between student and faculty research interests and the willingness of a faculty member to supervise the student’s thesis or project research. For this reason, students should contact the faculty member who they are interested in working with prior to applying.

Additional features of the blended program

  • Students in this category do not apply formally for graduate admissions
  • Students pay undergraduate tuition until reaching 120 units and then graduate tuition after this stage
  • If a student opts not to complete the Master’s program but does complete the BS degree requirements the undergraduate degree is granted
  • A total of 150 semester units are required. Students who do not complete their thesis in the fifth year must maintain continuous enrollment in two units per semester of PSYC 690.

How to apply

All applicants apply directly through the Psychology Department by submitting:

Priority deadline for Fall 2029: March 1, 2020 

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Faculty Coordinator

Dr. Amber Gaffney