Behavior Analysis - Sample Curriculum

Sample Curriculum

The below sample curriculum includes Academic Research-required coursework in addition to the behavior analysis course sequence. This curriculum is structured to be completed in two years.

Course: 1st Year FallUnits
PSYC 641 Research Methods: Philosophy and Design3
PSYC 647 Academic Research Proseminar 3
PSYC 622 Advanced Learning and Behavior Analysis3-BACB      
PSYC 690 Thesis/692 Project1
Course: 1st Year SpringUnits
PSYC 642 Research Methods: Evaluation2
PSYC 667 Ethics and Professionalism in Behavior Analysis3-BACB       
PSYC 680 Personnel Supervision & Management3-BACB       
PSYC 682 Fieldwork1
PSYC 690 Thesis / 692 Project1
Course: 2nd Year FallUnits
PSYC 675 Single-Case Research Designs3-BACB
SPED 706 Social and Emotional Supports3-BACB
PSYC 682 Fieldwork1
PSYC 690 Thesis / 692 Project2
Course: 2nd Year SpringUnits
PSYC 655 Social-Behavioral Evaluation*3-BACB
PSYC 674 Philosophy of Behaviorism3-BACB
PSYC 682 Fieldwork1
PSYC 690 Thesis / 692 Project2
Grand Total38

Total BACB Course hours 5th ed: 21 cr x 15 hrs=315 total hours

Boldface=Offered every year

*School observation/assessment required as part of course assignments

For courses taught in alternate years, students will take these in either their first or second year depending on when courses are offered

ABA students in 655 will have different versions of applied projects to complete-must have access to consumers of ABA to do assessment/intervention planning assignments.

See Behavior Analysis program description on pages 185-186 in the Cal Poly Humboldt Catalog