Behavior Analysis - Sample Curriculum

Sample Curriculum

The below sample curriculum includes Academic Research-required coursework in addition to the behavior analysis course sequence. Bolded classes indicate what is a part of the behavior analysis course curriculum. This curriculum is structured to be completed in two years.

Course: 1st Year FallUnits
PSYC 641 Research Methods: Philosophy and Design3
PSYC 647 Academic Research Proseminar  3
PSYC 622 Advanced Learning and Behavior3
PSYC 690 Thesis/692 Project1
Course: 1st Year SpringUnits
PSYC 642 Research Methods: Evaluation2
SPED 722 Autism Intervention Strategies2
PSYC 667 Ethics and Professionalism in Behavior Analysis3
PSYC 682 Fieldwork1
PSYC 690 Thesis / 692 Project1
Course: 2nd Year FallUnits
SPED 706 Applied Behavior Analysis for Teachers*3
SPED 731 Classroom Management and Behavior Supports*1
PSYC 675 Single-Case Research Designs3
PSYC 682 Fieldwork1
PSYC 690 Thesis / 692 Project2
Course: 2nd Year SpringUnits
PSYC 655 Social-Behavioral Evaluation3
PSYC 674 Behaviorism: Philosophy of the Science3
PSYC 578 ANOVA or PSYC 588 Multivariate Statistics4
PSYC 682 Fieldwork1
PSYC 690 Thesis / 692 Project2

*Note: SPED 706 and 731 must be taken concurrently.