Behavioral Endocrinology Research Lab (BERL)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Amanda Hahn

Research Opportunities

There are often research assistant positions available in the lab for students at HSU who are looking to gain some research experience. Research assistants may volunteer or speak to Dr Hahn about completing Psych 400-level units.

Students wishing to join the lab should fill out an application form. Students should be aware that volunteering in the lab can take up a substantial amount of time (~5-10 hours per week) and should be prepared to make that level of a commitment before applying. Only serious, responsible applicants, please.

Research Areas

The Behavioral Endocrinology Research Lab (BERL) investigates a variety of topics relating to the neurobiological basis of human behavior. Current lab projects include:
-Social perceptions from facial cues
-Hormonal factors influencing parental behavior
-Responses to infants during pregnancy & post-partum
-Physiological indices of the stress response 
-Female competition
-Testosterone, aggression & competition


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Hahn
Office: BSS 446

Lab Manager:
Ben Skillman

Current Graduate Students

Steven Bowman
Hannah Fergusson
Liz Hedlund
Yacoub Innabi
Julia Kandus
Lauren Larsen
Mariah Lehnertz
Melissa Martin
Erica Motter

Lab Members

Drew Diaz
Christine Kupelian
Karina Gigear
Lola Pesce
Jenn Masad
Gina Velasquez
Christian Verdugo